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The Current Election

Started by viewtifulboy, July 01, 2019, 03:32:17 pm

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It's almost voting time for the U.S. and McCain, Mario and Obama are getting the most attention, but I hope we're all voting for Boxman this time.  Boxman promises to end the war in Iraq and eradicate constipation forever!  McCain is an poop hole who wants the poor to die and take away healthcare and Obama...  Well, Obama's just bad, ok?  Vote Boxman!

Who are you all voting for?
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Very clever of him, but hacker forgot the key difference.



I think I've had too much to drink.... What????


What in the everliving intercourse  are you talking about


Boxman changes politics forever as he throws his cardboard hat into the ring and runs for president. No other candidate has even come close to his dance moves or baby-kissing abilities. Ever.