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ECHO, Echo, echo

Started by JrDude, September 17, 2018, 11:34:50 pm

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September 17, 2018, 11:34:50 pm Last Edit: September 21, 2018, 02:04:51 am by JrDude
This forum is ugly again.
Also, what ideas do you have for Super Smash Bros Echo Fighters?
I recently saw an idea for a Metal Mario, which I think could be cool if EVERY character got an Echo. I mean, Dr. Mario wasn't it, so Metal Mario would likely make sense.
I find it unlikely for every character to get one, so what ideas do you have?
Dude .


September 18, 2018, 10:06:50 pm #1 Last Edit: November 01, 2018, 10:10:39 pm by JrDude
For funzies, I decided to make a list for every character. Technically, they basically confirmed this won't be a thing, but I added more. So why not?

Mario -> Metal Mario
Donkey Kong - Funky Kong
Link -> Fierce Diety Link (Sure, he's a costume, so this is unlikely)
Samus - Dark Samus
Yoshi -> Birdo
Kirby -> Waddle Dee (They could give him some stuff to do with his Spear, and take away the Copy ability move)
Fox -> Slippy
Pikachu -> Raichu (Non-Alolan)
Luigi -> Dr. Luigi?
Ness -> Ninten
Captain Falcon -> Black Shadow
Jigglypuff -> Igglybuff (Pichu exists, so whynot?)
Peach -> Daisy
Bowser -> Meowser
Ice Climbers -> Kat & Ana
Sheik -> Zelda/Sheik (Hear me out, they brought back Pokémon Trainer, and made Zelda look like she's from ALBW, this could be a thing)
Zelda -> Hilda
Dr. Mario -> Aces Mario (Shoots a Tennis Ball, instead of a Pill?). Maybe Tanooki Mario
Pichu -> Plusle/Minun (Kind of like Olimar/Alph)
Falco -> Katt
Marth -> Lucina
Young Link -> Kafei
Ganondorf -> Demise
Mewtwo -> Shadow Mewtwo
Roy -> Chrom
Mr. Game & Watch -> Mrs. Game & Watch? Chef? Scuba Diver?
Meta Knight -> Galacta Knight
Pit -> Dark Pit
Zero Suit Samus -> Fusion Samus
Wario -> Vampire Wario? Corc Wario?
Snake -> Big Boss?^
Ike -> Hector
Pokémon Trainer -> Team Rocket (Giovani?)
 Squirtle -> Rattata
 Ivysaur -> Persian
 Charizard -> Golbat
Diddy Kong -> Dixie Kong
Lucas -> Kumatora*
Sonic -> Shadow
King Dedede -> Bonkers
Olimar/Alph -> Charlie/Britanny (Involve Rock Pikmin instead of Purple)
Lucario -> Medicham?
R.O.B. -> Metang?
Toon Link -> Tetra
Wolf -> Panther
Villager -> Neighbor (Literally choose 8 [or however many costumes they choose to use] and have them vary)
Mega Man -> Proto Man* (His shield should work like Link's!)
Wii Fit Trainer -> Just Dancer^
Rosalina & Luma -> Galactic Rosalina
Little Mac -> Mike Tyson Glass Joe
Greninja -> Weavile
Mii Fighter -> XBox Avatar (Nintendo and XBox are buddies now, right?)
Palutena -> Medusa
Pac-Man -> Ms. Pac-Man
Robin -> Tharja^
Shulk -> Dunban*
Bowser Jr. -> Dr. Eggman
Duck Hunt -> Banjo Kazooie (There are people that think this can be, BK for Echo, seriously, wtf) Poochy & Stork^
Ryu -> Ken
Cloud -> Zack^
Corrin -> Tiki^
Bayonetta -> Jeanne
Inkling -> Octoling
Ridley -> Meta Ridley (People say it's confirmed as a costume, but it wasn't in the E3 build)
Simon -> Richter
King K. Rool -> Lord Fredrik
Isabelle -> Tom Nook
Incineroar -> Blaziken
Piranha Plant -> Deku Baba

* = "But they're in a Final Smash. This can't happen"
Actually, that's a poor belief. In DBZB2, there's a character who's SUPER special involves Gohan. However, if you're fighting Gohan, Saiyan Man comes out instead. It's a simple code of, "If this character is out, don't have them appear in the Final Smash"

^ = I have no idea, so I stole ideas from other people.

I just feel like putting my guesses in the hat.
Dude .