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Arcade games...

Started by dawnwolfNxhoj, January 23, 2011, 09:50:46 pm

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Hmmmm, considering how they've been mass produced at some point in history and are some of the origins of today's characters and such, I've thought I should try a thread concerning games that you've seen at an arcade around your area or one that you've been to during a vacation of some sort. Here are three that are now some of my personal favorites and that you should try out when possible.

Ok, while it's something that most people do know about, it did originate from the arcade before home console versions were released

I was able to beat this with a friend of mine. Even though you can just hold down the button and not worry about running out of ammo, this game still has its challenges. So if you should attempt at it, do not take it for the faint of heart, and try playing it with a friend. It gives you the effect of a double edged sword :)

SEVERLY ADDICTING. My friends and I practically hogged the only two for quite awhile before we went somewhere else to play. It's another great co-op game as well; having a free for all modes, team up, and something like a story mode
So now.......................................................
I shall wait for your posts;)


Dude, we have Warlords at our arcade.

I get my friends together, and then we play some hardcore 4-player pong.


There's pretty much no arcades around me. It's depressing. :(


The Mario Kart Arcade games are great.

Oddly enough, around here, it's easier to find arcade machines to buy. There's just a Dave and Busters around here.

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After every little league game when I was 10, I would eat a cheeseburger and beat the crap out of this.

Become a Failbook fan: Victory Road :3

The Game Boy Pocket.
Put it in your back pocket.
Sit down and it breaks.


We have a DDR machine at my school...


There used to be an arcade around you. It was replaced with a Chuck E. Cheese. :U


Oh, I have one of these now:

Just had to trade another cabinet for it. Needs a RAM chip replaced, but I already have Samurai Shodown II and Ninja Combat ready for when it's fixed.

Quote from: SkyMyl
Tuppy frightens me with his knowledge of legacy technology.