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<Clu> no nsfcd is basically a ghost town, it should be killed behind fences


Started by MoS, March 08, 2010, 09:47:52 am

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This is seriously the best game I have played since the 90's. Understanding all the controls and tricks needed to beat the game takes a long time, so it makes the game pretty difficult but in an enjoyable way. Health is really limited, so any mistake you make, no matter how tiny it seems, matters a lot. What I really love is that all the levels are randomly generated, so every time you play you have to come up with different strategies to get through each level. It took me 224 tries to beat it, which I think is an average amount.

Anyone else play it, or going to try it?


I've been meaning to look into this game.  Is it better than Knytt Stories?


I've never heard of Knytt Stories.


I've played Knytt stories, I think it's better.
The furthest I've gotten is the forth area, and the computer that I got there on is broken. D:
Randomly generated platformers are an awesome idea.