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An Inside Job - A Pokemon Roleplay

Started by FearItself, September 24, 2007, 11:35:51 am

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Ooc// Remember, Venus was a nurse in the room when Boogie and Shantae were also in the room. She assumed the two were close. Of course, she assumes a lot of things.

@Dr.Hobo, you are accepted. Start at Sandgem, but try to get to Oreburgh quick so you can be with everyone else.


Ooc// Hm.............How about we skip to morning?

Spongebob does not approve


Ooc// A timeskip for the three musketeers sounds good. xP
It's pretty much early morning for us already, let's say we wake up around early noon because of what happened the previous day.


Ooc// But our gym match is at 12:00!!!!!

Spongebob does not approve


Ooc// Okay... How about nine-ish in the morning then? xP


Zaroff was getting out of bed and getting dressed sleepily...Until he saw what day it was.

"WHAT! I was supposed to get up yesterday!...Maybe I shouldn't have tried to go without sleep for the week...Oh! Right!" He finished dressing, combed his hair, brushed his teeth, rushed downstairs and grabbed a breakfast before running out to Prof. Rowans house.

Wow. I know I do plenty of stupid things but this ones the worst one yet!


As Avion and Terra rode down the road, another man in a blue shirt rode up to them.
"hey, you two look like a strong couple of trainers" said the man. "uh thanks...who are you?" asked Avion.
"oh, just a man from a group known as Team Aqua." said the man. upon hearing this both Terra and Avion got a very serious look on their faces.
"So are you two interested in joining?" asked the man. "NO, I'd rather get mauled by a Luxray" said Avion.
"oh, thats no way to talk, nobody talks to Team Aqua like that and gets away with it!" said the man.

Brawl FC 1504-5840-0611 name Avion, mains below(as of now)


OOC// This time Josh will have geodude, ryhorn, and pupitar.

IC// Josh entered the Gym to find a rocky stage with a husky hiker-like guy seemingly waiting for him.

"You came here for a battle, right? I'm Josh, the gym leader." Josh said

"You got it." John replied.

"Then what are we waiting for? Go geodude!"

"Geodude eh? Come out, Zig!"

The two pokemon faced each other, each looking determined to win.

"Geodude, start with rock throw!" Rocks were hurled at zig.

"Use shadow claw to break the rocks, and then continue the hit." Zig broke the rocks and headed straight for geodude, and made the hit. Geodude looked stunned for a moment, but recovered.
Rock pokemon have high defense... Well i can get around that.

"Geodude, roll out!"

"Perfect. Zig, use ice beam on the ground." Geodude started rolling towards Zig like a boulder, but slipped up as zig froze its path.

"Now use ice beam on geodude, Zig." Unable to get out of the way, geodude took a full ice beam, and was nearly knocked out.

"Good, move. Geodude, use earthquake." The earth shook up, and zig was caught by the attack. Unable to use a physical hit or risk missing with ice beam, John had to take a risk.

"Pin missle Zig." The pins fire at Geodude and Geodude was hit multiple times. It was just enough to KO the pokemon.

"Nice moves, kid. Geodude return. Go rhyhorn!" Rhyhorn was sent out and looked ready to battle.

"Zig, return. Now Floon, show this rhino what you're made of." Floon looked insignificant next to rhyhorn, but John knew he had somewhat of an advantage.

OOC// Is it just me, or am I overdoing my gym battle?


Ooc// Okay. xD

Ic// Martin woke up. He saw Shaelyn in her bed. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things....... Nope. She's there.

Spongebob does not approve


Ooc// @MM: Oh no, you're not overdoing it! That's just what I do when I describe battles. I think that's just what I like when it comes to description.


Ooc// I'm going to get off now. I'll be back later. So don't miss me. I'LL BE BACK!!!!  :O

Spongebob does not approve


Shaelyn gave a groan as her pain, yet again, forced her to wake up. It seemed natural, though, and when she looked out the window, she realized that, perhaps, her body had woken up by itself at the right time this time. She sat up, holding her head, dizzy from having to walk the night before.

"Hey Martin..." Shaelyn said in a low volume, knowing Boogie was asleep. "What time is it?" she asked, wincing slightly at the headache that started to reoccur.


The Team Aqua grunt then got out a pokeball
"Golbat go!" said the grunt as he sent out his golbat.
"Crimson, take it down!" said Avion as he sent out Crimson.
Terra stood by giving encouragement"You can do it Avion" she said.

Brawl FC 1504-5840-0611 name Avion, mains below(as of now)


Zaroff went through the doors and went up to Rowan. "Hey, can I have my starter pokemon?"

"Sorry, but I was suspecting you a day ago so I gave it to another trainer." Said Rowan.


"Just kidding. I had to get a joke on you before you left." He handed Zaroff a pokeball.

"Ha ha. Very funny." Zaroff said sarcasticly before letting his starter out.

The Riolu just looked at him but said nothing to him.

"Hm...A Riolu. Thanks Rowan," He returned Riolu to his ball. "But now I got to run...literally!" He said as he burst out of the door waving good-bye.

occ//Does Riolu understand a trainer's thoughts or is it only Lucario that can?


Ooc// I don't know, I only thought that it was that one Lucario in the movie in particular.. But I dunno, maybe it is just Lucario.