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My Introduction

Started by Dill, September 23, 2007, 08:54:28 pm

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Since I am far too tired to type out an introduction, I thought I might just paste the introduction I used last time.

QuoteI am always riddled at where to start and where to finish with these. Since I am listening to Billy Joel right now, I suppose I shall begin with my interests. I listen to a strange variety of music, ranging from The Beatles and Billy Joel to Underworld and Jean Michel Jarre. If I were asked my favorite genre, I would have to say Ambient. I also play the piano. My favorite movies are kung fu, especially Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies (favorites of the two are Who Am I? and Unleashed). My favorite game genre is shooters, although I prefer a good tactical shooter, such as Rainbow Six: Vegas. There are some circumstances, though, in which I enjoy playing a game where you can recklessly enter a room with blazing guns and not get hurt (such as Marathon (which is my favorite game series) or Metroid).

Now on to me. I live in Texas, although I am of Russian-Irish-German descent (with Italian relatives). I am a born-again Christian, although there are many times when that may not seem exactly obvious. I used to go by the name Dill93, although I later decided to change it to sebastian. sebastian is the English translation of my real name, which some have been calling me for many years, as it is much easier to pronounce. I also have a pufferfish named Bloaty, and I am a beginner graphic designer (been working with Photoshop CS for about five years or so (used to be for yearbooking and making logos for local businesses, but about two years ago I moved on to sigs)). Ah yes, and my favorite shows are Arrested Development and Seinfeld.

Except instead of listening to Billy Joel, I am listening to Jean Michel Jarre.