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Hey there!

Started by Phantom123, September 23, 2007, 08:06:33 pm

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I am a random mod >.> I would love to help everyone, but you will need to TELL me you need help for me to do it XD I'm not psychic :P Anyways, some stuff about me...

-I play Pokemon Diamond. Yes, I like pokemon. Got a problem with that?

-I play The 'Halo CE Free PC Trial'. Yes, that is the poor-man's Halo. Or the 360less man's. Depends.

-I also own Tetris DS, MKDS, Tony Hawk W8ste, MPH, and one or two other wifi-allowing games. I don't play 'em actively, but if you wanna play, PM me, and I might be able to.

So yeah =P Oh, and I am a ninty fanboy. Not a bad one, just one who loves it xD