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w #312 Score: +5/121 I like it I don't like it 14:44, 27 May 2010 (UTC)
Submitted by getopenid.com/thirdkoopa
<Custom> i call my p90 thx
* Light grabs toothbrush from armory
<Light> I'll kill...
<Light> *shades*
<Light> ...Their plaque
<Custom> light csi jokes aren't funny
<~Riddler> dammit tk
<Thirdkoopa> "grab your weapons" can i grab light
<Light> yes they are
<~Riddler> you unregistered?
<Custom> >implying I'm old
<Light> >implying you aren't
<Thirdkoopa> NO ROB
<~Riddler> how come i cant flag you then
<Thirdkoopa> i don't know rob
<Thirdkoopa> and you never answered my question
<~Riddler> what question
<@Thirdkoopa> ""grab your weapons" can i grab light" - there
<~Riddler> uh
<~Riddler> is light a weapon
<@Thirdkoopa> :3
<@Thirdkoopa> He can be used as one
* Light fires rainbows and unicorns
<@Thirdkoopa> TOLD YOU
Notes: Yes. Light can be used as a weapon.