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<Clu> no nsfcd is basically a ghost town, it should be killed behind fences

The NSFCD Tater Instigator- No Descriptions Required

Started by Zeldafan422, September 24, 2007, 04:54:39 pm

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Yeah. We missed out on this amazing chat thread starting 12/21/05, and it was sorely missed for a very long time. No more, I say! Let's bring back the magic that was the Town Square of Nintendo NSider...

Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.


I see dead people.


Yes another old chat thread, closed on 12/21/05. These were classics... Anyways, use this for casual chatting with casual friends in a casual place o-o

Who here saw last night's Star-wars-themed Family guy special? I thought it was freaking hilarious :P


Not too much man, just chillin' and slacking on homework. >_>

Kuro Tsuwamono



I thought this wasn't happening until after the contest was over? Oh well, it'll just make it easier for people to enter I guess...



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Why do we need two of these anyways? I never figured that out.

Edit: I was correct in my assumptions it seems. The original Nsider had 2 for the mass amount of users, because we don't have as many here we don't need 2.



Someone just started a chat thread, Phantom.

And it was pretty terrible. Robot Chicken's one was 1000 times better.