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Sonic the Movie

Started by JrDude, May 01, 2019, 03:54:40 am

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So there's a new trailer out for the new Sonic Movie, which I assume you've all seen the teaser poster.
Based on everyone else seeing it, everyone says the trailer is awful, and everything about it is awful, and the movie will be awful.
Now, I looked at the trailer, and I didn't see awful. I saw it and thought it looked pretty good. Not great, but good... but I don't necessarily trust my own opinion, as I also thought Sonic Boom looked good before it came out, and had a lot of potential. Boy was I wrong there.
Jim Carrey looks like he has returned to his old comedy roots. I think his humor as well as Eggman's mesh very well together, so I'm excited for that.

The only things that I didn't like were:
1) Rings seem to be teleportation devices..? Maybe that's how Sonic got here, or how Eggman ended up on Mushroom Hill Zone.
2) They stole the Quicksilver trope from the X-Men movies. It was cool when he did it, but now you're stealing ideas.

Now, I see a lot, and I mean A LOT of things that other people would probably be bothered about, but honestly, I don't mind most of it. Obviously when making a Movie Adaptation based in modern real world, there will be some weird switcharounds, and movies like to have an explanation for things that were never explained in the games, because no one questioned them there. Like, why is a Hedgehog so fast? The movie seems to hold an explanation with this blue electricity thing that also make his eyes bluer.

I have some hope for this movie. I don't expect a masterpiece, but it doesn't look terrible.
What do you think?
Dude .


It looks like a by-the-numbers movie adaption by a bunch of suits who have no idea what made people like something in the first place. I think Sonic's model is uncanny.


So apparently they delayed the movie to re-make how Sonic Looks.
Are you excited, neutral, or upset by this?
Dude .


Slowing down everything around them due to speed is a pretty common thing.  Neither of them were the first or last.
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