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Can we please talk about how irrefutably stupid the state of California is?

Can't be as dumb as the entire South.

I hope that they do go, to be quite honest. Let's see how long the state lasts without any federal subsidy.

If anything, it's hilarious watching the cognitive dissonance, wailing, and gnashing of teeth considering they always get smug about Texas and members of the South that threaten the exact same thing. But they're progressives, so they're on the Right Side of History™ no matter what they do.


--- Quote from: Super on February 05, 2017, 02:01:42 PM ---Can't be as dumb as the entire South.

--- End quote ---

They're worse but more or less the same but on opposite ends of the spectrum if that makes sense.

I don't see how anyone can claim the South is worse if they've been to both areas tbqfh. People from Cali are so holier-than-thou it makes me puke.

I just got through spending a year in what is probably the most red county in IL. I already miss it; only reasons I moved back were: a) I missed my family and b) it's hard to attend NP school in the middle of nowhere. Election results were something like 75/25 Trump/Clinton. Number of people who gave a poop that I liked cock: zero. And I'm pretty friggin' open about it if people ask me these days.

Anecdotal evidence, to be sure, but I've always found that it's the left that's most willing to throw you under the bus as a minority. Especially if you have an opinion that doesn't gel with their insufferable virtue signalling.


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