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So randomly, tonight when browsing the site, I thought Zovi was a Trans, but said nothing because I didn't care. Then I look through a thread where he says he is, and my intuition is right.
Him revealing it reminded me of this show, as one of the main characters is Trans.
So if you guys/girls/other have never heard of it, I would recommend giving it a try. There's a sex scene in every episode (75% being same sex couples), minus 2, first being an episode that ends with the showing of one of the character's dicks as a shocker, and the second being the finale episode.
Besides the sex (which isn't why I watched it), it's about 8 random people that are linked together through the magic of the number 8 (birth date is 8/8. I'm hoping a reveal of the year being 88).
It's kind of hard to explain the story, but it's about 8 people who each (in?)conveniently reach a point in their lives where situations happen that they can't handle on their own, so another person who they are linked to can instead take over their body and handle it for them. It also starts some search from some other guy who wants to hunt them all down.
I thought it was a cool show, and want everyone else to think the same.
It's a Netflix original.

Sounds like absolute intercourse ing trash. Won't watch.


--- Quote from: Zero on July 23, 2015, 08:53:39 AM ---Sounds like absolute intercourse ing trash. Won't watch.

--- End quote ---

maybe one day i will jrdude

You will all watch it.
And like it.


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