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why is fist of the north star so badass

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i want more badass stuff



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Be the badass you want to see in the world.

~Real life tips

It's badass because of the power demonstrated by the different fighting arts, as well as the chivalry shown by their practitioners.  It is the quintessential power fantasy, full of vows, honor and a hero that lays down judgment on horrible and/or misguided individuals in ways only they deserve.

Even though Hokuto Shinken doesn't insta-kill like in the series, Kenshiro seems even MORE badass in the new crossover fighting game, where he can fight guys like Goku, Zebra and Toguro.  I especially love how after you punch your opponent across the stage with the finish of his Hundred Crack Fist, it stops the entire game for a split second just so it can show the text and have him say "Hokuto!  Hyakurestsu Ken!"

Raoh is in the game too, and when he's the character on his team to die and give the enemy the winning point, he does his famous death line and dies standing up, because that's how BADASSES die!

They are among the most badass guys in a game that could easily be renamed Badasses: The Game!

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wat do you think of stardust crusaders uglykid


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