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Official Forum Rules -- Updated 2017


1. No being a dumbass
2. Swearing is a-okay
3. Bumping old threads is only okay if you're not overdoing it
4. NSFW content is allowed (as long as you make some warning/spoiler)
5. No mini-modding.
6. No spam-submitting reports concerning user rule violations or any complaints. (See rule 1 and 5)
7. Don't cry just because Custom thinks you smell like his Aunt Wilma.

All former rules are now null and void. Unless Mack decides to enforce an old rule for arbitrary reasons. Leave him be.

Stay tuned for less freedom.

Updated to reflect my unique role in rule enforcement.


--- Quote from: Macawmoses on April 26, 2015, 11:16:17 PM ---Updated to reflect my unique role in rule enforcement.

--- End quote ---
Updated to reflect updates.


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