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The Holy Grail of Brawl Hacking has been discovered.

Started by The Riddler, January 16, 2014, 06:00:55 pm

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The Riddler

To those of you who are interested in Brawl hacking, this seems complicated, but it's now possible to have up to 100 unique characters in your game via hacking without replacing anyone.



I used to love Brawl hacking but most pre-mades tend to be really poop in one way or another. I have found some cool ones before, but these days I just stick with Project M.

Now that this stuff is out there though, maybe the PM team can get to work on some original characters. They've said they don't plan on doing that but I don't see what's left for them after 3.01, seeing as they have 41 characters(including the entire Brawl roster) now. Balancing? perhaps, but the game at high level play feels plenty balanced, with Bowser players actually fairing well against Falco players, something that has never really happened before.

Anyway this is pretty neat and thanks for sharing