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Renting an apartment

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Hey guys, me and two other guys are thinking about renting an apartment next year. Any advice/tips from those of you who have done this kind of thing before?

>implying anyone other then one or two of the 10 people who post here leave their parents house

Definitely look up reviews of the complex(es) you're interested in. They may have great rates, but many times there's a reason for that. Make sure you love the place you're getting. You'll be there for at least a 1-year term, if not 2. If trash, water, electric, etc. are paid, make sure there aren't any hidden fees tacked on. Uh. There's probably more.

Flying Chickens:
Make sure you have similar ideas as your roomies. Clashing ideals make for wacky sitcoms, but if you hate people being near your stuff and your roommates intercourse ing love raging parties, there'll be some conflict.
Also, get a nice rug for the place. It says 'love' with symbolism of home.

Remember that you'll never be able to afford it.  You could work every single day of the week and will only have barely enough for the rent and none for food. :(  Eventually the starvation will force you to get food and you won't be able to pay your rent.  Then comes eviction and then homelessness.  Without a home, you can't do your job right, you'll lose it, you'll lose your health insurance and whatever complication you have you will die from...


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