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Street Fighter X Mega Man

Started by Zero, December 17, 2012, 08:37:50 pm

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This game came out today. It's completely free and available at

I've already played through the game. Here's my take on it.


-It's free
-Input customization
-Bosses are very, very fun.
-Bosses have Hyper Combos and variable attack patterns
-Music is a nostalgia trip
-Most special weapons are useful. Using SF moves is pretty cool.
-Enemy types are pretty adequate, with my favorite being the Samurai Joes.


-Level design is very hit or miss, mostly leaning towards miss(honestly its pretty poopty). For example, the Chun-Li stage is very short. There isn't much to it either. Keep running right. There aren't many obstacles to overcome at all. This sort of level design is very lazy, its pretty obvious that the levels were an afterthought. On the other hand, other stages have multiple paths and in Dhalism stage's case you have to explore to find the correct one. Pretty fun.
-I mentioned most special weapons are useful, but I found little use for Lightning Kick. Everything about Chun-Li sucks in this game. She's even the easiest boss by far.
-If you dislike Mega Man having the Charge Shot, you'll just have to avoid using it as there isn't a toggle. Luckily, there are fights where it really comes in handy, like with Ryu. Your charge shots cancel out his Hadouken.
-There isn't really any original music in the game at all

I enjoyed it for what it was but honestly I doubt I'll be going back to this one much.


you forgot to mention

-can't save

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Quote from: Custom on December 18, 2012, 02:39:15 am
you forgot to mention

-can't save

I'm used to that when it comes to MM games. Good point though.