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Started by Tsumaru, December 17, 2012, 05:54:24 pm

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Do you like how achievements have become a large part of today's gaming?  Do you care about how high your gamerscore is or how many trophies you have?

Personally, I almost feel like a game needs some sort of achievement system for me to even want to finish it these days.  This mostly applies to single player games, since I strongly disagree with having any type of online achievements.


I like them, but I don't really think they're needed at all. I played video games before them and was fine.


Closing in on 20k for 360, I've only had my own 360 for around a year now.


Achievements have ruined my life. I've gotten into a bad habit of using how easy the achievements are to obtain as a deciding factor for buying games most of the time.


Another fun aspect in regard to achievements/trophies is competing with friends.

In Dragonball Raging Blast, there is this really rare and difficult trophy called All Ruined. You have to destroy every destructible object in every map and it is way harder than it sounds. I was the only one in my friends list to get it. Feelsgoodman


Having fun with a game always come first for me. If an achievement sounds fun to strive for, I'll go for it. However, if the achievement sounds like it's going to be a huge pain in the ass to obtain, I just ignore it. To this day, I've never actually 100%'ed anything...


I used to LOVE them and would play games I normally wouldn't play (like the COD campaigns or poopty games like doritos dash or whatever) just to get them

that kind of stopped when i got around like 28,000 gs
Now I kind of don't give a intercourse  unless it's a game i really like (like rock band)

moving back to playing some Wii/Wii U games reminded me how much achievements don't matter
also steam achievements don't matter because there's no gamerscore

M$ is genius

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I like Sony's version of it better. Leveling up feels so artificially wonderful.


I have around 23k Gamerscore. I always try to get achievements when I can, but a lot of the games I play are multi-player driven, thus making it somewhat of a pain to earn. For me, achievements give certain games replay value that I probably wouldn't play again with out.


I don't think they're necessary.  Still, when a game I love has them, they can be a good reason to play it some more.


Quote from: Viewtifulboy on October 05, 2013, 09:27:11 am
I don't think they're necessary.  Still, when a game I love has them, they can be a good reason to play it some more.
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