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How the intercourse

Started by Zero, December 05, 2011, 01:38:00 PM

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...can I get a great monitor for cheap. Some of these prices are intercourse ing ridiculous(in this cheap bastard's opinion).

A used 17'' old as poop monitor somehow still goes for 70 bucks on Amazon. What? It's a piece of poop and not worth 70 USD.

So how do I go about finding a great monitor for a reasonable price? Example: Obviously a brand new 20 inch is probably worth 100-150 bucks, but seriously a used 17'' is not worth 70.



Luckily for me I managed to snag a 25'' practically brand new HannSpree with two HDMI's, VGA, and A VOID WARRANTY. Got it off my friend.

These monitors any good?

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