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Mack was in a car accident.

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I'm assuming some of you have heard the news that Mack was in a car accident, but not much else. Well, I got an email with all the details. I'll just quote the main bits here.

--- Quote ---Yesterday, Kyle sustained minor injuries while driving back to school on Highway 1. These injuries include a torn shoulder, small concussion, scrapes on his legs, and potentially severe injury to his left knee. His truck sustained much damage, and his books and other personal effects are destroyed. He is on bed rest for the rest of this week at minimum.

He will have minimal amounts of time to spend on the computer during this time due to the concussion.
--- End quote ---

I'm thinking it would be a nice gesture to make some sort of NSFCD-themed card to send him (well, email him) while he's on the mend. His friend is the one who sent the email to me, and is acting as a messenger for him. So, would you all be up to helping me put together a card? All you really need to do is submit a picture with some sort of message and/or a signature.

Update: He's actually out of the hospital, but is still on bedrest.
Update 2: Apparently it was a rollover, likely caused by inclement weather conditions.

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Well, I hope he gets out of there quick. Glad to see that it's mostly minor (as opposed to breaking several bones, etc) but it still sounds pretty painful. Yeah, I wish I had more to say, but...

just, ;______;


Hope he gets better.

Damn, when I first read the email, I thought Mack had gotten into something in the region of Judgement (NSider sage; died in surgery) in terms of seriousness. It's a hell of a relief to see that isn't the case, but that still doesn't mean that he didn't receive just a small bump or anything. That crash could've gone a lot worse for him.

Even though I barely come here anymore, I am completely down for the card when it happens. I haven't talked to him in forever....


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