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As you may or may not have heard from the podcast and various other sources, Mackormoses and I have been collaborating on a new side project. Tonight, we are proud to announce our newest site in the network: Shh Mom!
The name is unorthodox, as are many things about the site. However, we are very serious about reviewing games and providing quality content. We are extremely lucky and were able to snag D3stiny Sm4sher, former writer for GoNintendo, as well as many other reviewers from both NSFCD and elsewhere. Now you may be asking, why?
The answer? Because we can, of course. We're letting the faithful members of NSFCD get a sneak preview of the site before next month's official launch, and will be taking feedback and suggestions on how to improve it. Obviously there are a few minor changes that still need to be made, but for the most part the site is completely finished.


Oh, and anyone that wants a free WiiWare game should read this...

Four copies are being given away. Follow the account on twitter and tweet the message, or just post a comment. Two games are being given out for each method.

Why was I not informed of this sooner?


--- Quote from: Magnum on November 21, 2010, 10:38:58 PM ---Why was I not informed of this sooner?

--- End quote ---
Because we were trying to keep it sort of a secret.


--- Quote from: Silverhawk79 on November 21, 2010, 10:44:42 PM ---Because we were trying to keep it sort of a secret.

--- End quote ---
That is not acceptable.


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