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Sonic Unleashed- Two years later, it still sucks.

Started by Tupin, November 08, 2010, 07:53:39 pm

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Seeing how awesome Sonic Colors is made me realize how much I hated Sonic Unleashed.

Seriously, I hated that game. It's a "Like God of War BUT-" game. The but being that it sucks. It probably sucks more than Sonic 2006 because it looks like it will be good on the surface, but it's such a mess underneath. At least with Sonic 2006, I knew it was going to be bad after I saw all of the character designs. Who decided people wanted to play a Sonic game where you spend 2/3 of the game either doing brawling stages that last half an hour or walking around a lifeless town, during which you are slow?

The werehog is the worst thing ever to happen to Sonic gameplay wise. It honestly feels like they shoehorned another game into this one. Plus, the controls and camera suck. Seriously, Sonic Team? At least you made Colors, but up until this point you were making the same mistakes other companies got over before this generation. In the day stages, it's okay. Not very good, but tolerable compared to the nighttime stages. Too bad they only last 4-5 minutes.

But you know the worst part? I spent $60 on this garbage soon after it came out. I really should have believed all of the reviews. Hopefully my money will be better spent on Colors.

Your experience with this abomination?

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Day stages more than made up for the night in my opinion. I don't think it deserved a lower rating than 06.

I wasn't so much against the werehog gameplay (although there was far too much of it) as I was against the werehog itself. I just can't stand how random and stupid of a concept that was, and the whole story is crap. I think if they changed the story, took away the stretchiness, and then had the exact same gameplay with KNUCKLES instead of a werehog, they could have called it "Sonic & Knuckles 3D" and confidently sold it as one of the best Sonic games ever. Heck, add a couple more of those Tails plane levels to that concept and you've got "Sonic Adventure 3."


I think it would have been better if the levels were played by Knuckles, but the levels were still way too long.

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The werehog gimmick was added last minute. You can tell simply because of the werehog's character model being so much...less polished than Sonic's. The day stages were fantastic but the fact that the game forced you to play through the night stages to get to more day stages was just unforgivable.

I know I forced myself through the game just to unlock every day stage, and I don't regret it, but I'll be the first to admit that the game as a whole suffered because of the night gimmick.

It was a hefty mistake, really. I'd still say Sonic 06 is worse though.