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Super Meat Boy

Started by Magnum, November 05, 2010, 07:58:36 am

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I've only got 1 thing to say about this game.


Anyone agree?

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change


This game is five things, rolled into one package.

  • Hard

  • Fun

  • Filled with shout outs

  • Addicting

  • Awesome

All the shout outs to retro games, and all the different characters from other indie/freeware games are just awesome. Then the game cranks the difficulty to ridiculous levels by chapter 4, especially in some of the Dark World segments. But nothing in Super Meat Boy will ever be able to top the 95% faithful homage to IWBTG.


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Yeah, unlocking the Kid was hard, it took me a few hours. Right now I'm about to unlock Spelunky. This game is awesome, I'm definitely buying the PC and Wii versions too. I'm learning a lot about indie games as I play through it. I wonder what the other PC exclusive characters and Wii exclusive characters will be.

This is probably my favorite XBLA game.

Headcrab is in the Steam PC version and the WoG goo is in the other PC and Mac versions.