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Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Started by Jhen Mohran, October 06, 2010, 11:33:57 AM

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So, are ya buyin' it?

Of course!
5 (50%)
Maybe, whenever I've got the cash.
4 (40%)
Nah, I'm not interested.
0 (0%)
Sonic isn't really my thing, so nope.
1 (10%)

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Jhen Mohran

It's about to happen, internet! The first episode of Sonic 4 is goin' to be headed to the Apples curious little multi-purpose devices just tomorrow, for the pretty intense price of $15. Then, on the 11th, it'll be available on the Wii, followed by the PS3 the next day, and finally the 360 on the 13th, all for $15. What console are you going to be buying Sonic 4 on, if you're going to buy it at all?

Personally, the price seems a bit too steep for my tastes, especially in the case of the iPhone. It doesn't really seem that bad for a downloadable title on a console, price-wise, but I think I'll hold my money for other things that I would like to get my hands on when they come out.

I still find it very silly that they're splitting the game into episodes, by the way.


Why the hell would anyone buy it on the iPhone? Getting the PS3 version. HD compared to standard def for the same price. Besides, the Wii's classic controller kind of sucks, so the Dual Shock 3 would work better for this game.


If you're buying Sonic 4 on the iPhone, then you're clearly doing it wrong.

I'm going to buy it, of course, despite not being a huge Sonic fan. Since my brother doesn't let me buy anything for his 360, I'll be forced to pick up the Wii version. $15 is way too much to spend on a game on the iPhone, in my opinion, especially for a sidescrolling platform game, which just doesn't work that well on the iPhone's touch screen.


I might get it to eat up some points on my Wii that I've been harboring for the past few months because of boredom/not into megaman or mario rpgs.


Nah, dont have a iPhone.
I'm gonna get it on the Wii.


Seems Marisa here got some info wrong. Sonic 4 on the App Store is $9.99, which seems a more reasonable price than $15. Maybe if I ever get an iTunes gift card as a gift I'll get it for my iPod. still have to be really foolish to get it on the iPhone first.


I'm getting it on the Wii.

I like its controller better for side scrolling games.


I'll probably buy it for PS3.

I wish it wasn't on the Wii, to be honest.  That just means they were limited by the Wiiware size constrictions.


I'm getting this on Xbox 360 because the Wii version is for faggots.
I don't have a PS3 i'm sorry tsumaru i've let you down ;________;

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Short game, even compared to Sonic 1. I got up to the Eggman's Last Machine with 13 lives in two hours, and he then proceeded to rape me until I got a Game Over.

Quote from: CUSTOM THE HERO on October 08, 2010, 11:30:45 AM
the Wii version is for faggots.
Guess I'm a faggot, then.


That's possibly why it's called "Part 1"?
Also, is it fun?
Dude .


Cliff notes version, too hungry, more detail later:

- controls range from meh to poop. Lack of air momentum and Sonic's floaty jump are not good.
- level design ranges from very fun (Splash Hill, Casino Night) to just plain poop (Lost Labyrinth, oh shock! THE WATER LEVEL!)
- Bosses are pitifully easy
- Special stages are needlessly difficult (have 3 so far)
- graphics and sound are very nice
- intercourse  whoever made the physics



Sonic 4 is ok for being the first episode. Lost Labyrinth is the only stage that I had problem with (stupid water level bah). The special stages are really difficult because of the controls so I'll probably try to get the chaos emeralds now.(So far I have none). The graphics and sounds are alright.


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Quote from: Cornwad on October 11, 2010, 05:58:34 PM
So it's good?

It's.... ok....

It's not good, it's not bad. It's me. It doesn't control ANYTHING like the old games, and the physics are complete tripe. Although once you DO get used to it it's ok. However, it's TRYING to be classic Sonic, which it's NOT. If you like platformers, so go ahead, but it has some really bizarre difficulty spikes in random areas, and the special stages are bullpoop.

Note: Super Sonic actually makes the game more playable. For some reason the lack of momentum actually makes him easier to control and more fun to play as.

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