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Broken things

Started by Dog Food, May 05, 2010, 07:27:59 pm

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Dog Food

I break things a lot. Like that fence I broke when I was younger and just moved into the house I'm living in now. I was jumping over it for some fun. It was old, mossy and damp, and I was stupid enough to attempt to jump onto it, and push off of it to try and do a super jump. What ended up happening was I fell right through it, after putting all of my weight onto that fence. Oh, and it isn't one of those picket fences, it goes horizontally, not vertically. Because of me we bought new pieces of wood to replace those old, nasty ones. Since then I've been able to do my super jump on the new fence.

And a couple days ago I was running away from my dog (because I like to get her riled up and then have her chase after me in the mornings - it's a game we play every time I come downstairs in the morning, she's always there waiting for me getting ready for the chase). We have this open counter in our kitchen that connects to the living room that you can jump onto, then slide onto this cabinet that holds our shoes. So I was running from my dog, jumped up there and onto the cabinet and slid off the cabinet in my hurry to reach the "goal line" (otherwise known as the couch), when in my rush I hadn't realized the cabinet door was open and I crashed right on top of it. Didn't hurt me at all, but one of the doors fell right out. I had to lose the game (aka, my dog caught up to me and started licking me), and put the pieces back together (it fell into three parts that can be reconnected through these holes). Well I couldn't get it completely back on, so I left it looking like normal so that whoever used the cabinet next would think they were the one who broke it (I'm so nice, aren't I?). Of course, if they asked me about it I wouldn't lie.

My dad realized the cabinet was broken two days later. He seemed to think it just came apart and re-hooked it himself (apparently I just wasn't strong enough to push it back into place...). Well, as the clumsy person I apparently am, I've broken so many different things, but that's all I'll list. Anyway, talk about things you've broken here.
I get obsessively manic over things. It's a problem.