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That was just to show a hint on what this game is about in case you've never played it. One of my favorite quotes about this series is, "This game is impossible! Even the bullets shoot bullets!".
Now, I have never actually beaten a Touhou game without a continue. Not a one. Maybe I've played the hard ones, but it just doesn't work for me.
So, who in here loves to hate this series? And are you pretty good at it?

Oh Vesperia, never change... never change


These types of games seem enjoyable in a slightly masochistic way.  I'll...have to try it someday.


I've always been interested in the series, but only recently did I actually play a Touhou game. Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, to be precise. Playing as Marisa (B) on Hard Mode.

...I can't get past Patchouli. Cirno kicks my ass so hard I'm out off Continues by the time I reach Mei Ling.


I personally like EoSD, PoFV, and MoF.  Shoot the Bullet is annoying.  I've yet to try SA, UFO, and Double Spoiler.


I play most at hard, except for SA, which I did at normal. Though I actually like the fighting games more than the shooting games, oddly enough. It's addicting though, especially the music. The series have lots of great fanart too. Try looking at Pixiv. There's a lot over there.

Some patches are to be found in Ichi's topic:

We had the original games on there too, but I removed the links after the ToS changed.

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I'm not sure exactly what a TouHou game is, but I have beat the poop out of Ikaruga.

Almost without a continue too. The 4th boos beat my ass though.


I tried Subterranean Animism recently.

It kicked my ass so unbelievably hard.


I play Touhou when i need a reminder that i'm not god. It's a fun game, just hard as hell.


i'm good at this game and it's fun

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