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Mario Kart DS value?

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How much could I get for selling MKDS at GameStop?  Is there a site that can tell me these things, or can you at least just tell me off the top of your head?

When I sell games I just see how much they are brand new (MKDS=$34.99) and see how well of condition mine are in, which is usually like new.

So if I were selling it I would sell it for about $20-25. But they probably subtract the price for missing instruction manuals and stuff.

But i'm not really sure, I only sell my games if i'm really low on money, and i've never traded any at Gamestop D:

I'd buy it for like... 10$. Pretty old game, but not old enough to be worth more than the original price... Or close to it.

What's sad is that it is still going for full price at many retailers. That's your safest bet, really. Although, I have seen it for about $22 in a few used places..but that is pretty rare D:

Never mind, I found out:  $15.  Kinda sad, considering how much they sell it to others.  Still, compared to other games at Gamestop, getting 1/2 of original price for a 4 year-old game is surprisingly good.


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