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The Aventures of Mario (more added)

Started by JOSEGRANADOS95, October 06, 2007, 08:04:34 PM

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October 06, 2007, 08:04:34 PM Last Edit: October 09, 2007, 05:57:26 PM by JOSEGRANADOS95
In this fan-fic, the setting is: Super Mario Sunshine

*Mario and Peach in the airplane*

Mario: so, are going to the theme park? please? please?  pzl? *begs*

Peach: alright, just make sure you have your throw-up-bag, i dont want a mess and then clean it up.

Mario: ok, here we go!!

Peach: enough already!

Mario: sorry ;D

*suddenly plane stops*

Mario: hey, who hijacked the plane?

Peach: it's not hijacked, it stopped you dumb***

*then the couple and toadsworth get out of the plane*

Peach: wtf happened here?

Mario: looks like someone threw up in here

Toad: hey, what's that?

Toad 2: it looks like someone threw up, let's poke the goop with our heads!

Toadsworth: no no boys, dont touch that stuff, i dont want someone to confuse you with ice cream cones again

both toads: ok. sorry 


Toads: zomg look!! :O, an officer is coming

Officer: you young sir, will have to come with me

Mario: but i didn't do anything!"

Officer: that's what everyone says, now move it!

Peach: Noooooo!!!! if you want him, you'll have to go through me!!!

*Officer pushes peach*

Officer: there.

*at court*

Judge: so mario cannot leave the island until he cleans up the mess he's done!!1

Mario: but-

Judge: no butts, i mean, no buts

Mario: alright

*mario at the island*

Mario: ohhh..!! a pumping machine!!

FLUDD: hello. I am FLUDD from E Gadd. systems incorporated. scanning. suject reconized as mario, resident of the mushroom kindgom.  i am a water pumping machine. you can carry me anywhere, cleaning messes

Mario: wth is this?

FLUDD: the word "WTH" is not in my dictionary , please search again.

Mario: never mind, but horray! now i dont need my throw-up bag anymore!!

FLUDD: no you thwerp, i clean messes with water, not by storing them in me.

Mario: whatever

Mario: hey, you can help me clean the mess on the island!

*Mario and fludd go to delfino plaza, where they fight the giant pirhana plant*

Mario: omg whats with all this brown goop? did someone pooped on here?

i will continue tomorrow
Why didn't Mario cross the road?

Because he used a warp pipe instead :P

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