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Just a note about music discussion and respecting the opinions of others.

Started by JMV, September 27, 2007, 10:31:40 AM

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You guys are free to discuss music, but keep it respectable. I'll be deleting any posts, locking the thread, and handing out bans for any poop that includes:

  • "Rap Sucks" or "Rock Sucks"

  • "Rap is cRap", "Can't spell 'Crap' without 'rap'", or any similar statements.  The same thing applies to anti-rock posts

  • Flaming of any genre, or its fans.

  • Anything similar to the above.

It's fine if you don't like a genre of music, but if some one has a discussion thread for a certain artist or song, there is no reason to enter the thread just to say that you don't like rap/rock.   You know it's going to start a flame war, so why do it? 

Generalizing also shows how little you would seem to know.   Not all Rap is the same. Not all rock is the same. Just because you hear some songs played on the radio doesn't mean all of the music is like that. 

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