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People have been whining about kicks and bans in chat, so perhaps we need an official rule set. So, here we go.

1) All normal Forum rules apply.
This means what it sounds like it means.

2) Swearing/mature topics are allowed in moderation.
It's perfectly fine to swear or make dirty jokes in chat, but try and be subtle. It's funnier that way. Still, no posting links to porn or shock sites, etc. while in chat. Ecchi and milder forms of hentai and its homosexual equivalents are fine provided the material would be considered legal under US law. Everyone is always in need of good whacking material.

3) If you are a normal user, don't use color, bold, underline, italic, strikethrough, or anything to change the appearance of your font.
My eyes are bleeding. Don't do it. Moderators are exempt from this rule provided they observe common sense; i.e. not using eyerape colors like yellow or pink.

4) Don't change your nickname unless you want to let us know you're away from your PC.
Use a simple name change (like PsychoYoshi|AFK instead of PsychoYoshi).

5) Don't impersonate other users.
If you are making a malicious attempt to appear as someone else, you will be immediately permabanned from chat and added to the automatic kill-on-sight list.

6) Use good grammar and spelling.
Posting a line in 1337 or AIM speak occasionally to show sarcasm is one thing. Constantly talking in it is something else. God/Evolution gave you a brain. Use it. You're also required to be able to form coherent sentences, typing something like "lol kthx" is an insult to everything your first grade teachers taught you. Also, lose the "lol" "rofl" and "lmao", at the very least, don't use them in reference to your own posts. It makes you look like an idiot, and if you look like one, you probably are. Rule Six should be enforced sparingly. For example, if someone isn't capitalizing the beginning of their sentences, but has otherwise perfect grammar, it is not considered an infraction.

7) Do not use automatic scripts to generate messages.
Basically, arbitrary lines of code used to post similar messages repeatedly.

8) Don't flood.
Posting random or repeated letters/words is a great way to get kicked or banned.

9) Staff reserves disciplinary rights
Tenured staff members (see list below) can at any time kick you, kickban you, or remove you from the channel on a whim. You are allowed to ask a staff member once if you do not receive a reason for discipline upon being kicked/banned. Do not continue to pressure them, or chances are your ban will last longer.

10)Do not ping attack anyone
Doing this is extremely annoying. If a member reports that someone is ping attacking them, that person will be promptly kick banned from the channel, and will receive a three day ban on the forums. Oh, and doing that will get you G-lined from the server. So don't be a little dips*** and decide to ping attack someone.

Disciplinary Consequences:
1) Kick: You will be forcibly removed from the room but are free to rejoin. Kicks are for minor infractions and a moderator's way of saying "Cut it out." In addition, you should read the kick comment that the mod leaves behind: it will tell you what you've done wrong. Finally, keep in mind that some mods (like myself) are sadistic bastards and like to kick people as a joke. Don't get all high and mighty, or there WILL be a problem on our hands.

2) Kickban: You will be banned from the channel for a period of time ranging anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. These are for moderate to serious offenses, and you will typically be warned with several kicks before we have to bring this out.

3) Kill-On-Sight: You're added to the chat's automatic auto-kill list and will be instantly kickbanned whenever you enter the channel. Reserved for repeat offenders and extremely serious infractions. This is our way of saying "You're probably not coming back here. Ever."

Chat Staff
Lead Administrator:



If you need any troublesome users kicked, any of the above members have the power to do so. General IRC questions should be directed to PY or Vaatix.

Most General Chat questions are already answered in the Official Chat Guide.

I blame PY.

And if the color hurts y'alls eyes, then don't sit so close to the monitor. Because It doesn't bother me at all.

Works for me ;D

I've never even used chat so it doesn't effect me much...

I really enjoy the humor thrown in with the rules. Makes me laugh yet they are set really well and simple to follow.


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