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Below are listed the current NSider Forums admins and mods, and the boards that each moderator likes to frequent. Keep in mind that all staff members, with the exception of Hoggus, are capable of moderating anywhere, so don't hesitate to contact us just because a board's 'specialist' moderator isn't on. Note that if a moderator lists one of their specialty boards here, they're also in charge of any child boards that board has.

Mods: Feel free to add your specialty boards onto the list.

Thunderfists: [Administrators]
Silverhawk79: (Moderates: Power On, Sign In/Sign Out, Help and Feedback, Chat)
Administrative Duties: Ad problems, public relations, donations/funding.
Mackormoses: (Moderates: Pretty much everything.)
Administrative Duties: General tasks; boards, permissions, and forum technical matters
Super: (Moderates: Everything)
Administrative Duties: Tinkering, banhammers, socializing, injecting forum with life, and juggling)

Rocket Scouts: [Senior Moderators]
Currently none.

00 Agents: [Moderators]
Light: (Moderates: TBA)
Poet Laureate: (Moderates: TBA)
SkyMyl: (Moderates: TBA)

Klungo: [Tech Team]
PsychoYoshi: (Moderates: Zelda, Power On, Chat)
Administrative Duties: Maintenance of the IRC chat.
SUPERKOOL: (Moderates: Chat, Power On)
Administrative Duties: Event ideas, skins, miscellaneous.

Emeritus Staff: [Users have served in an honorable capacity, but have voluntarily resigned their positions. This is not an official rank.]
VaatixGanon: (Formerly: Administrator)
Friendly Hostile: (Formerly: Senior Moderator)
Zovistograt (Formerly: Moderator)
Totla: (Formerly: Moderator)
StarwindWizard7: (Formerly: Moderator)

I have a problem...who should I contact?
It depends on the specific issue that you're having. Look at the list below to determine who your first contact should be.

Inappropriate Posts: Use the Report Post feature to flag the post, and a staff member will attend to it shortly.
Troublesome Users: All staff members have the power to ban, sans the tech team, so feel free to PM whoever is on.
Forum Errors: Silver or Mack.

Please do not PM staff members concerning being promoted, as we are sure to reject, laugh at, and insult you.

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11/11/10 by Silverhawk79

Should there be a Local Mod list?


--- Quote from: LIGHTNINGSWORD on October 13, 2007, 03:02:35 PM ---Should there be a Local Mod list?

--- End quote ---

there are only two of us so probably not, maybe though

Rosti LFC:
So who should I PM then if I want to be promoted?  :P


--- Quote from: Rosti LFC on October 14, 2007, 03:40:22 AM ---So who should I PM then if I want to be promoted?  :P

--- End quote ---
Probably me. >.>


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