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Brb Going To Jail, any advise?

Started by Juni, November 27, 2007, 04:11:42 pm

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Quote from: Missy203 on November 27, 2007, 04:48:59 pm
Guys two months is a long time :(.
All I did was kill my neighbors dog....he was stealing my wifi. So I had to get back at him.


that was me.


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On the day, me and Sabac Red,
drop dead, knocked by the feds,
And get shot with a glock in the head
Like the bloods on the corner, the block'll be red
And like the passion of Christ, there'll be alot to be said
Fuck a protest in the street wit all of my peeps
My soul will never let a crooked cops family sleep.
And you'll never find peace even in retirement
like Amadou Diallo cops that turned into firemen
I'll give your children, laying in their sleepin, hypnosis
nightmares about drowning in an ocean of roaches
molested by dead bodies full of worms and locusts
but the insects are nothing when the judgement approaches
call my spirit the coldest... you say that I'm bitter
but im sick of cops calling me a spic and a n_gger
and you pigs probably won't get the message I write you
cause the industry is racist mutherintercourse ers just like you.
you heard me

police brutality is bad.

its worse when your not white
i have the soul of a brother :|
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