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Pokkén DX

Started by JrDude, February 27, 2018, 02:55:12 am

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February 27, 2018, 02:55:12 am Last Edit: September 21, 2018, 02:18:50 am by JrDude
I'm a sheep, or Mareep in this case. I got DX even though I have the original.
Which is weird, because I didn't play Pokkén for Wii U much. I can say I didn't like it much, so what tempted me to buy this one?
I'm a Flaaffy.
But I'm actually enjoying DX a lot. A whole lot more than the original, which is also weird because they are the EXACT same game... with the exception of some new characters.
But honestly, that might be why. The only real reason I have a main in this game is so I can have a chance at the Tournament, as I am not a person who can every REALLY get good at a game. I'm decent, but I suck. None of the Pokémon in the original really clicked with me. My main was Weavile, and she was awesome, but Scizor is like, #2 of favorite Pokémon list, and now I use him.
Another thing that I gave up, which may be while I like it, is trying to have every playable Pokémon follow suit. After I do something with Weavile, I take every other character and do the same.
In DX, I said to hell with that, and play when I want to, as opposed to requiring it from the get go.
Also Triple Battles are fun.

But the main reason for the topic. I wanted your opinions, and also, are there any Pokémon you think would be cool as playable? It's something I think about.
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February 27, 2018, 04:50:56 am #1 Last Edit: September 21, 2018, 02:19:06 am by JrDude
Double post because I want my post count higher so I can get a higher rank to post pictures...
Actually it's because the Spoiler Button doesn't exist anymore.

So an easy one I've thought of is: Greninja.
Based on his appearance in SSB4, he seems like he can be an easy pick. The only thing that makes it harder is... he would behave a lot like how they portrayed Sceptile. Sceptile has been put in as a speedy, Ninja-like character, with how he moves and uses his attacks. There's even a time where he uses Substitute like Greninja does in SSB4. Also, it's synergy form can be "Ash-Greninja" which is a real thing that exists in the games now. On second thought, maybe Ash Greninja is the sole reason he isn't a character.

Another easy one I'm kinda surprised they didn't do: Jigglypuff.
Honestly, this would be a joke character, which they decided to use Croagunk for. He is clearly a joke character. But why not more? I think it would be a cool fit to make it based off of the Anime, mixed with SSB, where if she sings and they sleep, she gets mad and throws punches, or for the Synergy move, she even draws on their face, before exploding in ink. Use Rest to destroy your opponents, while leaving yourself open if you miss.

Keeping on the train of non evolved: Meowth
With his importance in the Anime, as well as his relation to the lucky cat Japan likes a lot, this seems to make sense too. I think this could be a cool Pokémon to include. With the new Alolan form, maybe that could even be the Synergy Burst mode. Though I doubt it.
If nothing else, Meowth could be a cool Support Pokémon, using Payday to attack, and maybe make it so you earn more money, at the cost of a poor/non effective Support role.

Being a little more serious now, let's notice how there are 0 Rock Pokémon in this game. I think that is super lame. There are no Playable Rock types, and there are no Support Pokémon that are Rock types either. And for this post, I checked attacks too. There's 1. I wasn't able to find the stage Pokémon, and I'm sure there's a small handful, but regardless, it is a small amount.
So I think this type needs a representing fighter for this game. Some options being:
Gen I always seems like a good option. Also, he IS a rock. Something they could do is, use the Alolan version, which is part Electric. I think it would be a cool fit, either way.

Another Gen I, but also a representer for the Fossil Pokémon. I'd say this would be weird, as why would there be so many, but remember Suicune is both playable and used by MULTIPLE trainers, even though there should only be 1 in the world (I think). I think it would be a good fit for how it's shaped, based on how they picked a lot of their other characters.

I don't know why, but I feel like this guy would be a good fit for the game.

A fairly cool Pokémon, and also has a Mega Evolution they could take advantage of.

Another with a Mega Evolution to take advantage of. Even though the Mega takes away the Rock half.

This one I think would be good for a few reasons. It's a rock type, it's physicality match the majority cast of characters, and it's the evolution of the FIRST Pokémon ever made, Rhydon.

There isn't much representation of Gen VI, also this matches physicality, AND it has 4 arms. Fitting for a fighting game, yes? And it wasn't until I started typing this that I remembered Machamp also has 4 arms. But this one actually has a hand for a face, which may give it an advantage.

Another funn fact, none of the playable characters are Normal Type either! They at least have representation in Support. But I think they should get one too:
See above.

I always liked Kangaskhan, and I think it could be quite fitting for this game. The Mega Evolution would be interesting, as it brings out the child, but maybe that could make it awesome.

All of these things look like they could be mad off and ready to kill you. I say these together because they have 4 feet, and Suicune is currently the only one doing that, so I think it would be cool to add more to that roster.

There's a stage dedicated to this Pokémon. Would make sense to allow it to fight too. Also, it has freaking fists for ears, how is this not ALREADY part of the roster?

This is probably one of my favorite Normal type Pokémon. All the sound based attacks I think could make this guy pretty cool.

A freaking giant teddy bear. I like the idea of fighting with it.

The only reason I think this would be a genius idea, is Gold/Silver/Crystal. If you didn't get owned by the Gym Leader Whitney's Miltank, you're lying.

2 Hands for tails. I like Aipom more personally, but Ambipom makes more sense, unless Aipom is another joke character.

This guy looks ready for a fighting game. And for support, you can get Seviper, which is Zangoose's rival.

To me, this character would fit well in the odd world of Pokkén. I can't explain why, but I can see it.
It's Synergy attack can be the Seizure Blast regular Porygon did in the Anime.

Now, Pokémon that I want because I want them:

Alolan Marowak
This is a cool looking Pokémon, with some cool potential.

Hitmontop or Tyrogue
The fact that the whole Tyrogue family is absent makes me sad, for a short while, Hitmontop was a favorite of mine. The excessive use of Fighting makes this unlikely, but I still want it.
Maybe have Chan & Lee be Support Pokémon at least.

Psychic & Fighting seems like a genius combination.

Looks like he would be hilarious.

One of my favorite Fighting types now.

Like I said above, It would be cool to have some more 4 legged fighting representing. Houndoom is badass enough to fit the role.

Basically a joke character, due to Nuzlocke being a thing that exists.

My favorite Gen III Pokémon.

A hilarious idea of a Pokémon.

This one would be interesting.
Probably just be normal while fighting, then when in Synergy, switch either to Attack mode, or constantly switching between the 3. Attack when attacking, Defense when the Shield goes up, and speed when moving around, or a double tap to move fast.
Deoxys is also my favorite Legendary.

I don't know why I felt it necessary to explain partially for every thing I type, so no more explinations, here's more that I think would be good and fitting:
Cacturne, Krookodile, Druddigon, Electivire, Mr. Mime, Granbull, Vespiqueen, Benette, Roserade, Sandslash, Alakazam, Raichu, Slowbro, Metagross, Reuniclus, Feraligatr.

Now I know between 99%-100% of these won't be used, but it's fun to think about.
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its a fun game and I like the idea of Porygon-Z being playable. Heracross should be playable and I'd like it if a bird pokemon like Pidgeot was playable.