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Super's Now-Bi-Weekly Poll #10

Started by Super, February 07, 2017, 03:08:09 pm

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Do you feel like the gaming industry has become stale?

5 (71.4%)
2 (28.6%)

Total Members Voted: 7

Voting closed: February 20, 2017, 03:08:09 pm


Power On is going to be flooded with just my polls if I continue at this rate. Gonna cut it down a bit, haha.

Anyway, do you feel that the game industry (in general) has become stale?




Yeah, its the truth. And no it doesn't have as much to do with nostalgia that some would think, even if its an aspect. Current trends intercourse  consumers over and try all sorts of tricks to milk as much money as possible out of the user, among other things. The trends have even infected longstanding iconic series.

Example: Metal Gear Solid V. Snake never controlled better and the game series never looked better. The open world seemed to offer limitless gameplay options. The new characters are likable and while the story's reception is mixed I thoroughly enjoyed it. This seemed like the future. It's a fantastic game...until you realize how infected it is with modern gaming vices. Konami offers currency exchanges for real life money so you can speed up development times on Weapons, Items, Gear, and Base Platforms. Sometimes these development times can exceed 1 day and often they exceed 3 hours. This is problematic because sometimes you need a very specific requirement fulfilled and you cannot progress unless development is finished for something you need. You must wait 3 hours to properly take on the mission. You can't even turn off the game and come back to a finished Item or Platform. Nope. You must wait in-game or buy currency.

Fuck that poop


Corporate greed has invaded muh vidya.


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It's a multifaceted problem.

For starters, it's not just corporate greed; it's greed in general. That's why you have the hipster indie trash and their friends/friends with benefits in the press continually navel-gazing about "misogyny" and the like in gaming. Like the race-baiters of ye olden days, it's mostly about hustling for that sweet, sweet greenback. Sure, there are plenty of "useful idiots" among their number, too, but they're mostly the foot soldiers rather than the ringleaders. There's plenty of indie trash that's just as crap as corporate/AAA trash. Spend 2 minutes on Steam Greenlight.

Another related but distinct problem is gaming in general being subsumed into mainstream culture, whereby any 55 year old soccer mom who plays Angry Birds once a month is now considered a gamer. This leads to the market becoming super-casual; everyone needs their hands held in games at all times, and all games should be portable/on cell phones rather than consoles or PCs. Some of this is greed, some of this is simply unconscious/conscious expectation on the part of more mainstream "gamers" who have only recently begun to consider themselves as such.


i think phones intercourse ed over games the most

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i think phones intercourse ed over games the most

yeah, most likely

I often wonder just how long the mobile bubble can grow. I try to play some of these games but always lose interest because there is no substance, even for the ones that people tell me are worth it.  Final Fantasy Record Keeper being one of them.