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(Large image) MATURE CONTENT WARNING:: THE Denizen +1

Started by AdamSakuru, July 14, 2009, 12:01:35 AM

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-An Original story by yours truly.


Adam Sakuru lived in loneliness and was always treated differently. For starters He was neglected as a child.....his parents wanted to have a girl, but they had him instead. To deal with this, they gave Adam away to the C.I.S facilities, which was a training institute for soon-to-be soldiers. Run under the command of Jayden Kroaken, a powerful, greedy and evil man. The place was darn hell, and Adam wanted out. Soon enough, Adam met Fred, who was another boy his age at the C.I.S. The two became friends and Fred informed Adam of his plan to escape one day. He helped Adam master the sword and use of fire arms. After they prepared themselves...they both made their great escape from the C.I.S facilities!

Unfortunately, the time came for them to part ways, but they both promised never to forget each other, and wished each other the best of luck surviving in the cold and harsh world....

Things seemed so grim for Adam all of his life, until he met and fell for a girl named Mara, things could never have been better...or so it seemed....

One day, she betrayed Adam and really broke his heart.....This was the last straw for Adam, though.....he snapped and became enraged and furious.....he ran off, crying.....

He showed up again days later, in a hat and trench coat, and drew his blade and gun, he fought Mara to the death, finishing her off with a slash and two shots.

Adam now walks the earth, finding ways to survive. He kills those he dislikes, those who get in his way, or those who just make his day more difficult than it already is. He destroys buildings of which he doesn't like, and takes what he wants and needs to survive each day.

One day, Adam comes across a strange girl named Queen. She is a bit lonely and in denial. She believes she is the fourth queen (Of what? She never says...). She informs Adam of his status with federal organizations, he's a wanted man. Everyone wants Adam, either to kill him, Capture him, or use him for their own needs.

But most importantly, the C.I.S has found Adam out, and are beginning to hunt him down.

Although Queen is told to get lost by Adam, she ends up saving him from a monster who was about to kill him, and so Adam allows her to tag along because she expresses her desire to do so.

And so, it's Adam versus the world...and he has Queen to help!

EDIT: The word on the gun is my name in Arabic!

-Adam Sakuru
[B]"Time to earn our reputation!"[/B]
-Adam Sakuru


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