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Mother's Day

Started by BOREDFOREVER, May 09, 2010, 09:33:02 am

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It's Mother's Day.  Did you do anything special for your mommy today?

I made breakfast for my wife, and I'm watched the kids while she went to see Chelsea Handler, and I'm watching them again while she and her mom go to stars on ice.  I'm going over to my parents later for an early dinner for my mother.


Just flowers and helped with her party last night... Today is ALSO her birthday.


Bought some DVD's and a mug for her.

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Went to a fire house's all you can eat break fast, got her a box of dark chocolates, and went out to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise.


Nope. Nothing special ):

I was busy with work and she went out most of the day so yeah.
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I got my mommy some weird six-picture frame, went to a buffet brunch, then saw Avatar at a theater that was still playing it. I paid for as much of it as I could afford.
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Well i cooked breakfast and some of family came over. i cooked and everyone went swimming. Just like a normal family party.


I let her sleep in. She wouldn't let me buy a card or anything. she said she just wanted to sleep in.

also, I wished my girlfriend happy mother's day, along with her mom.