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Do you remember any of your first villagers in any of your towns?

Started by Lotos, December 03, 2007, 01:26:42 pm

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I believe Louie and Buck were mine in the GCN, and Louie was one in AC:WW.


Jay and Gewn I believe... Maybe Rossie too. It was on the GCN. I'll never forget my town of hill top. :(
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Bob and Custeau or however you spell it.

bob was the best kool kat eva.



In the AC, I had Hambo (Moved) Liz (Moved) Freckles (MY BFF...MOVED!) and Dozer (He's still here. He's the only original person I have that I still remember.)

In WW, I only remember Alfonso. He's still here, and I make sure he stays. He's my best friend in WW.


Bob was the first guy I ever talked to (besides Nook by default). He's always been my favorite character in the series. With Moe as a close second.


In the GCN version I remember Bob was one of my originals, and the blue horse... Cleo? and Kiki, and I think maybe Hazel... maybe?


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I remember my first three from AC:WW
That cat, that penguin, and that dog. Don't remember any names though.


I just got Animal Crossing: Wild World and my first villagers are:
Melba (a Koala)
Victoria (a Horse that's totally b***y)
Tipper (a Cow)

I don't really care for them...but I guess I have to stick with who I got.

Edit: Today I got a new villager. His name is Limberg and he's a mouse. Why do I get all the weird ones? T_T


Yea, Drake was one of the original villagers in my town in AC:WW.


I remember some of my first villagers in ACGC.

I can't remember anyone from ACWW though.

major tom

That one elephant. The gay-ish one.

He mighta not been my first in GCN or DS, but I've had him in both games since somewhere around the beginning. He hasn't leaved, I think. And I hate him.