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30 Rock

Started by Neerb, December 10, 2012, 07:34:40 PM

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The show's ending, probably because it's funny and on NBC, just like Community probably will. So, I say give it a thread to discuss until the series/season end, which is 5 episodes from now.

I gotta say, I'm proud/sad for this show; shows usually start to suck near the end, and season 6 was kinda looking that way, but season 7 has actually been pretty decent, and these last two episodes (BOTH marriage episodes of all things) had me laughing harder than anything else on TV in quite a while.

Favorite line was regarding Jack's mother coming early for Christmas: "She insists on traveling on Pearl Harbor Day to, and I quote, 'show the Emperor we're not afraid.'"

I just hope Kenneth gets to be a page again before the series ends...

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