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my old hannspree monitor just died

Started by Zero, February 28, 2013, 04:44:51 PM

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So I'm hunting for a new monitor.

So what do you guys have and what do you recommend? Any deals going on?


I usually like Insignia but the one I have right now isn't the best
I usually buy big tvs instead of real monitors because they're cheaper
plus htey have those a/v ports in case you ever want to hook up your n64 or ps2 or whatever

what chains do you got around you? i'm assuming you're going to want to get something sooner than later and not get it online

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Well I'm using my HDTV as a monitor until I get a new one, so its not exactly a huge hurry. My tv is just huge and I'd like to not get a headache while using my desktop, so I'd like a new monitor.

to answer your question we have a best buy and the local comp usa just died. So just best buy, target and walmart. Yep. Great.

I hear Asus monitors are good but I've only ever owned hannspree and HP monitors, which all sucked.


Quote from: Custom on February 28, 2013, 04:46:37 PM
I usually buy big tvs instead of real monitors because they're cheaper

tvs with monitor quality pixel density are not cheaper than monitors

brand doesnt matter as long as it's an ips panel. of course nobody actually advertises the display technology so you have to do some research.
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significantly better color. as good as lcd is going to get.

10 years ago they had bad refresh rates so the cheaper poopty but fast lcds ended up more popular, but that hasnt been issue for a while now.
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oh heres what i was looking for: http://www.pchardwarehelp.com/guides/s-ips-lcd-list.php

anything in that list is good, particularly those that are also led backlit.
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Thanks Zeph. I ended up getting an Asus monitor off of that list. It is far nicer than my last monitor.

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